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 SAMMAN Group of Companies went to great extent in everything related to the safety of its workers, employees and facilities. As an integrated part of its structure, SAMMAN Group incorporated the key position of the Safety Officer, linking him directly to the Managing Director. In his turn, the Safety Officer has his own crew of subordinate, highly skilled safety personnel, embedded throughout all the factories implementing liable, certified safety equipment and procedures, with full authority to intervene at once on safety related issues. Those safety personnel are divided into; rapid response team and sites inspection teams. The sites inspection safety team, is constantly on the move inspecting project sites where SAMMAN Group is either in the capacity of main contractor or sub-contractor to providing and installing its products. Proper gear, equipment and practices are the main concern of those teams. Results of those inspections are all gathered into a unified detailed form, used by both the factories based and sites inspections teams into a daily report, presented on their weekly meeting to the Safety Officer, unless in cases of emergency, which are immediately reported both verbally and in writing. Needless to say, that random as well as scheduled monthly drills and training courses are performed to enhance instant emergency response, where the results studied and analyzed

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