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  •  Mohammed Osama Al-Samman For Contracting and Electromechanical
  •  Logo: Quality in achievement
  •  Goal: advancement in performance
  •  Our ambition: to reach to the top
  •  Establishment Was  
  •  Founded 1973 by Engineer
  •  Yahiya Mahmoud  
  •  Al-Samman Under the name of "Engineering consultant  
  •  Company” and then it turned into Mohammed  

, The Company has Benn founded more than forty years “1973-2013” - in   A continued growth on a solid ground based on Perspicacity management and focusing only on business Development which depending on the human factor Founded 1973 by Engine Muhammad Osama Al-Samman Est. works in public and Private Construction in All over the Kingdom to cover The most important cities in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Mohammed Osama Al Samman Est. for Contracting clearly towards advancement in its activities To be a leader in the field of construction to serve The Arab world. And continually it has had great Achievements and value experiences, and with the new Generation it merged the latest concepts and experiences To the quality aspect, which relied on international Standards towards development, taken a step forward Comparing to other competitors. Mohammed Osama Al-Samman Est. consists of four Main sections, each of which specializes in a particular Experience and unique field, its aim to provide the best Service to its customers Mohammed Osama Al Samman Est. for Construction is committed to trustfulness towards   All of its customers’ employees and suppliers by maintaining a high level of ethical conduct’ and making relationships according to the principles of honesty’ trust’ fairness and respect’ As Operations are conducted according to the legal and regulatory requirements in a   Conscious and responsibility way. In addition to 'achieving the needs in effectively and Responsibility way. The diversity of the Establishment’s activities is an essential factor, except the main fields, it   Continues to expand in a variety of fields, including airports, banks, hospitals and fast-food   Restaurants and clothing stores, and has proven over the past years its eligibility as a leader Establishment, due to the efforts of all the specialist workers of engineers, technicians,   Administrators and staff, who were able to achieve through the spirit of prevailing   Cooperation between them, where the quality, speed and accuracy of achievement brought  a good reputation on the Establishment in the public and private sectors.  

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6978 Al-Hussein Aliafee, Al Wahah Jeddah 2351 2849


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